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Re: Loch Monsters (Yeah, off-topic)

On Sat, 27 Oct 2001, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:

> I know when I've been to a minor league baseball game the players are much
> more accessible and seem to enjoy meeting the kids after the game.
> Sometimes you will see them walking to their cars in the same parking lot.

Back when the Maine Guides were still around at the Ballpark in Old
Orchard Beach (when Gary Thorne was their play by play guy.....) Dave
Gallagher was my favorite player, he'd see me and come over and chat with
my dad and I often, a couple times he told us he'd hit a foul ball our way
and it went right to us.......really great guy, never been a huge baseball
fan and I've honestly lost track of the guy, but he was in a few teams in
the major leagues......but it's things like that as a kid that never leave
you, sometime I'd like to track the guy down and write him a letter
thanking him for being such a cool guy......seeing this post suddenly made
me remember that. Too bad Jordan Kobritz defaulted his loan which OOB
co-signed for and then ended up screwing the town over. Ironically his
sister was one of my teachers at NESCom, and the worst instructor I ever
had at that......well besides my 8th grade reading teacher....but he's
another story, I won't go there........