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Re: Jibguy: Don't Cancel LTAR on WJTO

The Dans exchanged:

> > And I think that your name calling is at least as out of place on the list
> > as Mr Glavin's poking fun at organized religion.
> Oh, well.  I would take your criticism seriously if you did not see outright
> bigotry as "poking fun."

A good observation.

> I ignored the first bigoted post but then the jerk defended himself by
> attacking another religion.
> His statements also went beyond attacking particular groups or organized
> religion to criticizing anyone of faith.

Oh, I thought the first post was bad enough by itself.

Just imagine: if somebody suggested that members of any social category
(fill in the blank with any of them) should be enrolled to open the mail
in Washington -- and thus be put on the front lines of exposure to
anthrax -- it would be described as hate speech.   

It's surprising that some people think they are entitled to say such