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RE: An Audio Fidelity Question

At 07:22 AM 1/4/01 -0500, Larry A. Lovering wrote:
>My work with PA equipment, typical mobile DJ stuff, won't let any
>of my listeners guess as to the source, it isn't as high a quality as a
>great stereo system.
>I would love to do the same, and store my whole collection (some 4500
>titles) on a hard drive and take it with me.  You would have to consider two
>sound cards, if you want to do crossfades, and compatible playback software.

My concern would be less with fidelity (which, as was pointed out is less
of a factor in a hall over a PA system) than with system stability.  Would
kind of make things awkward if you had to reboot in the middle of a cememony.