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No doubt Bloomberg's computer is also responsible for 
cutting off the reporter or the actuality in the middle 
of a word (never mind the middle of a sentence) in about 
half of the items that run.

Also, on WBNW, I've noticed something odd and 
consistent. WBNW airs local spots in place of some of 
the material the Bloomberg sends out. I assume that 
Bloomberg claims only a portion of the affiliates' spot 
inventory and probably sends out local New York spots 
nationwide for pickup by affiliates that find it easier 
to run the New York material than to cover it locally 
with PSAs. Invariably, WBNW comes out of the local spots 
with 1 second remaining in the network's spot feed. I'd 
think that the satellite feed would contain a cue tone 
that would control when the affiliates fade the 
satellite feed back up. So either the tones are going 
out early or the affiliates are supposed to fade up 
after a delay initiated by the network cue--and WBNW has 
got the delay set 1 second too short.

The whole effect (features clipped in mid word, little 
pieces of commercials airing at the end of other 
commercials) is really unprofessional. WMEX has done 
much better with its locally produced shows than 
Bloomberg seems to do--although maybe some of 
Bloomberg's problems have really been WBNW problems. 
Maybe Bloomberg should rename its network from Bloomberg 
to Bloomper.
> On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Kevin Vahey wrote:
> > 
> > They have been updating sports scores at night the past few weeks, so
> > somebody is there.
> Oh absolutely someone is there.  
> The way WBBR (especially when it first started) is set up is there's no
> studio.  At least not in the way you and I think of one - announcer booth
> and its adjacent control booth.
> When a reporter is putting together a piece, he/she is at a workstation
> equipped with a microphone and a computer terminal and other things like
> telephones, etc. The reporter records the piece into the computer, edits
> it and then the finished piece is put in the system which takes care of
> juggling all the elements and playing them in the proper order.
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