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Dan Strassberg wrote:
>Invariably, WBNW comes out of the local spots 
>with 1 second remaining in the network's spot feed. I'd 
>think that the satellite feed would contain a cue tone 
>that would control when the affiliates fade the 
>satellite feed back up. 

Not always.  Often the network sends tones that trigger the cutaway, but
the rejoin is supposed to be (:60, :90, :120) seconds later and the local
station should be programmed accordingly (ie-no return tones).  Maybe
WBNW's local spots consistently run a second or so short?  If so, their
production director ought to be a bit more vigilant.

>No doubt Bloomberg's computer is also responsible for 
>cutting off the reporter or the actuality in the middle 
>of a word (never mind the middle of a sentence) in about 
>half of the items that run.

I wonder if this is timed too and the actuality runs longer than it is
scheduled for?  Sounds pretty sloppy to me.

So either the tones are going 
>out early or the affiliates are supposed to fade up 
>after a delay initiated by the network cue--and WBNW has 
>got the delay set 1 second too short.
>The whole effect (features clipped in mid word, little 
>pieces of commercials airing at the end of other 
>commercials) is really unprofessional. WMEX has done 
>much better with its locally produced shows than 
>Bloomberg seems to do--although maybe some of 
>Bloomberg's problems have really been WBNW problems. 
>Maybe Bloomberg should rename its network from Bloomberg 
>to Bloomper.
>> On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> > 
>> > They have been updating sports scores at night the past few weeks, so
>> > somebody is there.
>> Oh absolutely someone is there.  
>> The way WBBR (especially when it first started) is set up is there's no
>> studio.  At least not in the way you and I think of one - announcer booth
>> and its adjacent control booth.
>> When a reporter is putting together a piece, he/she is at a workstation
>> equipped with a microphone and a computer terminal and other things like
>> telephones, etc. The reporter records the piece into the computer, edits
>> it and then the finished piece is put in the system which takes care of
>> juggling all the elements and playing them in the proper order.
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