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RE: An Audio Fidelity Question

SteveOrdinetz wrote
>My concern would be less with fidelity (which, 
>as was pointed out is less of a factor in a 
>hall over a PA system) than with system 
>stability.  Would kind of make things awkward 
>if you had to reboot in the middle of a cememony.

Andy Soule wrote:
>If you're carting around Hard drives % computers, for 
>gigs, I would want a complete redundant backup on and 
>ready to play.  That stuff doesn't travel well 

I concur.  I plan to have 2 systems with mirrored
drives both up and running.  One live - one on
standby.  Both CPU's will be on short-term UPS to
eliminate power spikes and inadvertent circuit
breaker twiddling problems.  Yes Virginia, some
function halls still don't have switches for 
lights - just an unlabelled circuit breaker panel.

Roger Kirk