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RE: An Audio Fidelity Question

Roger Kirk wrote:

> I concur.  I plan to have 2 systems with mirrored
> drives both up and running.  One live - one on
> standby.  Both CPU's will be on short-term UPS to
> eliminate power spikes and inadvertent circuit
> breaker twiddling problems.  Yes Virginia, some
> function halls still don't have switches for
> lights - just an unlabelled circuit breaker panel.

Just thinking on the way home, how about using two laptops (getting pricy
here) with 30 gig drives- that provides two audio outputs if both have the
same content.  Or, maybe simple laptops with smaller hard drives connected
via 100mbps network to a stand-alone network appliance with RAID 5 disk
volumes with mirroring (maybe this cound be a simple Linux box with fast
SCSI drives).  All of this at a price, but the advantages are simple
desktops (integrated monitor and keyboard, if you will), music stored
redundantly in one box, easy setup (plus the network cables into a hub and