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The switch of WSMU to 89.3 coming soon?

Where I live, WBUR's reception is fairly good for a
station that doesn't broadcast in stereo much.
(Its Sunday morning talk block is occasionally in
stereo...why?.  But in my car, it fades or is 
susceptible to interference in just a few miles.  That's
because it uses a directional antenna designed to 
suppress its signal due south, but with some reduction
up north as well.  This seems partly to be due to 
adjacent-frequency WSMU 91.1 South Dartmouth.  The 
question before the assembled multitude: if WSMU in
fact moves to 89.3 (and for a long time it's been only
an APPLICATION), will *WBUR-FM be able to increase 
power, reduce its directionality or both?  One 
post about the 89.3 "pirate" stated that WSMU will be 
moving to that channel soon...hmmm; if there's an
antenna in place tuned to 89.3, couldn't WSMU move
there sooner?
(On the FCC database, WBUR-FM has a CP for some kind
of change, but the ERP, HAAT and location stay the 

Laurence Glavin

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