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Re: The switch of WSMU to 89.3 coming soon?

Laurence Glavin wondered about WBUR-FM:

> Its Sunday morning talk block is occasionally in
> stereo...why?
Weekend Edition Sunday was produced in stereo from the first (January
18, 1987), when it was more of an arts magazine than a news magazine.
During the show's first three years, host Susan Stamberg (who'd left All
Things Considered in September of '86) recorded the show during the
week, so hard news was to be avoided.  Here's what Stamberg said in
publicity prior to the show's debut:  "Weekend Edition on Sunday will
combine the style of the New York Times Arts & Leisure section with the
intimacy of the Arthur Godfrey Show.  Expect live music, listener
participation, and a small group of weekly regulars engaged in lively,
intelligent conversation."  Stamberg had piano player Stef Scaggiari in
the studio for each show, and the weekly regulars included 5- or
10-minutes' worth of Tom and Ray Magliozzi--perhaps the first time an
unsuspecting nation was exposed to these guys previously known only to
Boston area listeners.