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An Audio Fidelity Question

This is not 100% radio-related, but given the vast 
plethora of knowledge, opinion and expertise
embodied in our members...

As a mobile DJ staying technologically current,
I am planning to store music on Hard Drive in mp3
format and I am trying to decide on what bitrate
to use i.e. 128K, 160K or 192K.  The old size vs.
fidelity dilemma.

Have any of the members of this list participated
in an A-B comparison test of compressed music?

Supposedly, 1 in 10 people can detect a "difference"
between uncompressed and compressed (mp3) music at
128K and 160K bitrates.  Most of the research I've
read notes that critical listening with headphones
highlights "differences" and that normal listening
via speakers tends to diminish the ability to discern

While mp3 is the most popular format, I'm willing to 
listen to alternatives.  I believe BSI uses mp2 format.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

You can reply off-list if you wish, but discussion
my encourage lurkers to chime in.

Thanks, in advance.

Roger Kirk