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Public Radio New Year's Eve/ Some Grammy Nominees

<<On Wed, 03 Jan 2001 16:03:04 -0500, Norm Rosen <inorm99@earthlink.net> said:

> 2. Riding with the King  B.B King/Eric Clapton (Reprise) ( The deck may be
> a little stacked)

This was WMVY's second-favorite album of 2000, according to the
countdown show I listened to while driving around on the Cape last
Monday.  (Ironic, though, that the title track from that album was
written by John Hiatt!)  WMVY's favorite album of 2000 was David
Gray's /White Ladder/, which I didn't think much of.  (Their countdown
was album-based, and while I was listening they played about five
tracks from each of their top ten.)