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Re: Bob Stuart

If I remember correctly from my days at WLYT - I believe Gerry did AM drive
just before the switch..."Q" went to Metro and his other endeavors.

Speaking of Gerry - that poor guy has been bounced around that station
pretty much covering all time shifts and positions....I believe he even
served as Interm PD for a point...was also Production Manager while I was

Needless to say, during the WLYT days, we had some great air talent up in
Haverhill.  The Big "Q", Frankie Foxx (both now at Metro) Gerry Wood, Bob
Stuart (at XRV), Rob Peters (hmm, good question on the location...) and Paul
"Buchie" Brennan (at last check...NYC) all made up a "rag tag" (said
lovingly of course) bunch of professionals at the station with no home...or
depending on which station ID you listened to... "Haverhill, Boston, Dover,

Marc Lemay

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From: "Don MacMillan" <dmacmillan@mailandnews.com>

> Well, for what it's worth....I coulda sworn I heard him doing mornings as
> well.  For a guy with his talent and voice...it seemed to make sense.  He
> was probably the most expereienced they had.
> I thought he was doing mornings there when they made the switch.  (Wasn't
> this right after Quentin Migliori did mornings under the old AC format?)