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Re: NERW 12/4: A Second FM for WNYC?

>From NERW 12/4/00:

> There's a new morning host at the River (92.5 WXRV Haverhill), as
> Keith Andrews heads south to Dallas-Fort Worth, leaving Dana Marshall
> solo in mornings at the AAA station.
...thus becoming one of the few women hosting a morning-drive music
show.  Curiously, less than a year ago (January 6, to be exact), WXRV PD
Joanne Doody was quoted in the Boston Globe as follows:  "I just think
that there are certain parts of the day when certain voices and
personalities sound better. I like men for the drive-time positions; I'm
just the most comfortable with that. Maybe it's just past history. It's
just what we're used to. I hate to put down women DJs, but I think it's
just the best person for the job. I haven't heard too many who have
shone in drive-time shifts. Even with all my experience, I don't think I
would sound right in a drive-time position."  What I've heard of Dana
Marshall sounds great and I would imagine Joanne is pleased to find
somebody who changed her mind.

Elsewhere in morning drive, it sounds like New Hampshire Public Radio
finally has a Morning Edition host, a position which I believe has been
open since the late Jay O'Neal left in 1999!  Lisa Peakes has been on
for a few weeks and is a welcome change from the
not-ready-for-drive-time fill-ins who've kept the morning shift going on
NHPR for more than a year.