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Re: CBS-TV stumbles, breaks both legs, and is run over by a bus (WAS Re: Supr...

In a message dated 12/13/00 2:25:03 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
dmacmillan@mailandnews.com writes:

<< Who are the best commentators/analytical people on the networks when it
 comes to politcal coverage?
 Chris Matthews?  Brit Hume?  Bill O'Reilley?  Hannity/Colmes?  Paula Zahn?
 Russert?  Sheiffer? The bald guy on CNN?  Jeff Greenfield?  Cokey Roberts?
 Stephanopolos?   ...others? >>

Russert is the best.  Hands down.  He's one of the few that ever says 
something that I didn't already know.

Of the cable TV arguing class, I like Matthews best.  Both Matthews and 
Russert, ex-Democrat staffers, are great because they do not let partisan 
allegiances get in the way of honest analysis.

Greenfield's good, though he tries too hard to be clever.  I liked him better 
as a reporter for Nightline.  I like Stephanopolos much more than I ever 
thought I would.  He will be better with all his friends out of office.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine