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Re: Bob Stuart

Last Thursday I wrote of WXRV's Bob Stuart:

> Bob is one of two people still holding the same shift since the River's
> first trickle in August 1995 (PD Joanne Doody still does 10am-2pm).
Mr. Wollman responded:

> Not true -- he was doing AM drive originally, and Gerry Wood was the
> PM drive guy.  The latter got shuffled off to overnights, and Bob
> Stuart moved to PMD when a new morning person was hired (was it Mike
> Mullaney?).
Well, the names are spelled right.  Thank you...for spurring me to give
Bob a call; it's been quite a few months since we last chatted.  Being
unable to produce any paper evidence to back up my claim I turned to the
personality in question.  I passed along the praises related on this
list and was pleased to hear Bob say he's always done PM drive at the

The original August '95 lineup, starting with AM drive, was Gerry Wood,
Joanne Doody, Bob Stuart, Mike Mullaney, and Doug Stackhouse.  The June
'96 shuffle changed the lineup to Mike Mullaney, Joanne Doody, Bob
Stuart, Manny Glin (who had briefly handled overnights following the
departure of Mr. Stackhouse), and Gerry Wood.

One could easily be misled to thinking Bob did AM drive based on all the
errors I found in River reports in the Boston Radio Archives and Boston
Radio Watch archives.  One example: the June 21, 1996 issue of New
England Radio Watch mentions "afternoon guy Mike Mullaney moves to
mornings..." except he never did afternoons..

Bob helped me fill in this list of who's done each shift from Day One.
I tried to fill in dates afterwards and called on Perry Persoff to help
with a few of them.  I wouldn't bet the farm on the dates but believe
them to be reasonably close.  Additions and amplifications welcomed.

AM drive:  Gerry Wood (8/95-6/96), Mike Mullaney (6/96-11/98), Keith
Andrews (11/98-11/00), Dana Marshall (who teamed up with Keith before
going solo)

midday:  Joanne Doody (8/95-present)

PM drive:  Bob Stuart (8/95-present)

night:  Mike Mullaney (8/95-6/96), Manny Glin (6/96-?), Keith Andrews
(?-11/98), Jerry Mason (3/99-?/99), Bob Angell (?/99-10/00), Perry
Persoff (who also did an extended fill-in on this shift prior to Jerry
Mason's stint)

overnight:  Doug Stackhouse (8/95-?), Manny Glin (?-6/96), Gerry Wood