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Re: NERW 12/4: A Second FM for WNYC?

Chris Beckwith wrote:

> Bob Stuart has been doing PM drive (2-7) at The River for several years.  One
> of my friends says he's too hyper for the format; to me he just seems
> enthusiastic about his plum gig.
I think you've nailed it.  Bob's been through a few formats over the
years and has taken some criticism for sounding too much like a radio
announcer (!) in a format that favors a laid-back approach.  Although a
carryover from the "today's lite rock, less talk" days of WLYT, Bob
enthusiastically embraced the new format at what was to become WXRV--in
1995 he told me it was the first time he got to play a lot of stuff that
mirrored his home music collection and a remark to that effect remains
attached to Bob's profile at
Bob is one of two people still holding the same shift since the River's
first trickle in August 1995 (PD Joanne Doody still does 10am-2pm).