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Re: Bob Stuart

Well, for what it's worth....I coulda sworn I heard him doing mornings as
well.  For a guy with his talent and voice...it seemed to make sense.  He
was probably the most expereienced they had.

I thought he was doing mornings there when they made the switch.  (Wasn't
this right after Quentin Migliori did mornings under the old AC format?)


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Subject: Re: Bob Stuart

> Last Thursday I wrote of WXRV's Bob Stuart:
> > Bob is one of two people still holding the same shift since the River's
> > first trickle in August 1995 (PD Joanne Doody still does 10am-2pm).
> >
> Mr. Wollman responded:
> > Not true -- he was doing AM drive originally, and Gerry Wood was the
> > PM drive guy.  The latter got shuffled off to overnights, and Bob
> > Stuart moved to PMD when a new morning person was hired (was it Mike
> > Mullaney?).
> >
> Well, the names are spelled right.  Thank you...for spurring me to give
> Bob a call; it's been quite a few months since we last chatted.  Being
> unable to produce any paper evidence to back up my claim I turned to the
> personality in question.  I passed along the praises related on this
> list and was pleased to hear Bob say he's always done PM drive at the
> River.
> The original August '95 lineup, starting with AM drive, was Gerry Wood,
> Joanne Doody, Bob Stuart, Mike Mullaney, and Doug Stackhouse.  The June
> '96 shuffle changed the lineup to Mike Mullaney, Joanne Doody, Bob
> Stuart, Manny Glin (who had briefly handled overnights following the
> departure of Mr. Stackhouse), and Gerry Wood.
> One could easily be misled to thinking Bob did AM drive based on all the
> errors I found in River reports in the Boston Radio Archives and Boston
> Radio Watch archives.  One example: the June 21, 1996 issue of New
> England Radio Watch mentions "afternoon guy Mike Mullaney moves to
> mornings..." except he never did afternoons..
> Bob helped me fill in this list of who's done each shift from Day One.
> I tried to fill in dates afterwards and called on Perry Persoff to help
> with a few of them.  I wouldn't bet the farm on the dates but believe
> them to be reasonably close.  Additions and amplifications welcomed.
> AM drive:  Gerry Wood (8/95-6/96), Mike Mullaney (6/96-11/98), Keith
> Andrews (11/98-11/00), Dana Marshall (who teamed up with Keith before
> going solo)
> midday:  Joanne Doody (8/95-present)
> PM drive:  Bob Stuart (8/95-present)
> night:  Mike Mullaney (8/95-6/96), Manny Glin (6/96-?), Keith Andrews
> (?-11/98), Jerry Mason (3/99-?/99), Bob Angell (?/99-10/00), Perry
> Persoff (who also did an extended fill-in on this shift prior to Jerry
> Mason's stint)
> overnight:  Doug Stackhouse (8/95-?), Manny Glin (?-6/96), Gerry Wood
> (6/96-present)