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Re: Herald's Dean Johnson on new 1150 talker

I think it really depends on what you are reading or listening to.
I watch a lot of news channels and listen to a lot of talk shows and I hear
a lot of, leftist this, liberal that.
Recently, Ed Asner was on Hannity & Colmes and Hannity was badgering him for
about 15 minutes. 'Are you a communist?' ... Making fun of him for
supporting Dennis Kucinich ... criticizing him for protesting the war ...
'liberal, liberal, naahh, nahh.' God, that is the best he can do for a
legitimate debate?
If you read the Manchester Union Leader or the Boston Herald, you  read the
opposite of what you read in the Boston Globe or the Concord Monitor.
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> > I would bet that Don Feder would describe himself as "very
> > Having read him for years and listened to his shows on the radio, I
> > describe him as an ultraconservative. Former 950 AM host Chuck Morse
> labeled
> > himself a "right wing extremist" on his Web site, which I thought was a
> bit
> > much but he doesn't seem to mind.
> > As much as some people think Terry Gross is an "ultraliberal," she
> Is
> > she a social liberal?
> Maybe Terry Gross is not a good example, but you never here the media use
> the term ultra-liberal or liberal extremist.  But they use
> ultra-conservatist.  You hardly ever hear left winger.  But you hear right
> wing all the time.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham