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RE: Herald's Dean Johnson on new 1150 talker

> Maybe Terry Gross is not a good example, but you never here
> the media use
> the term ultra-liberal or liberal extremist.  But they use
> ultra-conservatist.  You hardly ever hear left winger.  But
> you hear right
> wing all the time.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham

I was once a Gross fan.  Not any longer.  She become a caricature of herself.
"How did it feel when the truck ran over your puppy?  Did you cry?  Did you cry?
Will you cry for me now?  Will you cry for me now?"  And how about that BIll
O'Reilly segment with Gross that he ended by walking out?  NPR tries to float an
insider story that he would go on to refuse NPR right to publish the transcript.
He offered that he refused to let NPR SELL or make money off of it, and then he
went on to actually link the audio from the segment on the free portion of his
website to show that he wasn't trying to hide it.  O'Reilly was pushing that he
was getting boinked with questions that would not have otherwise been asked if
he were prone to Birkenstocks.

Bill O'Neill