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Re: Herald's Dean Johnson on new 1150 talker

I would bet that Don Feder would describe himself as "very conservative."
Having read him for years and listened to his shows on the radio, I would
describe him as an ultraconservative. Former 950 AM host Chuck Morse labeled
himself a "right wing extremist" on his Web site, which I thought was a bit
much but he doesn't seem to mind.
As much as some people think Terry Gross is an "ultraliberal," she isn't. Is
she a social liberal? Sure. But on corporate issues, she fell in line with
the Clintonites which was basically the same as the Republicans.
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> Dean Johnson, in his column, writes:
>    [Don] Feder was a nationally known ultraconservative writer
>    before he dove into radio.
> My ears perked up at that word "ultraconservative", 'cause I think it's
> often used by liberal journalists to stigmatize conservatives.   It's
> probably not a word that Feder uses about himself.  Or is he registered
> as a member of some Ultraconservative Party I don't know about?
> I look forward to a future column in which Mr. Johnson calls Terry Gross
> "ultraliberal".
> --nationally known (by a few people) RC