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Re: Herald's Dean Johnson on new 1150 talker

On 24 Oct 2003 at 20:26, Richard Chonak wrote:

> My ears perked up at that word "ultraconservative", 'cause I think it's
> often used by liberal journalists to stigmatize conservatives.   It's
> probably not a word that Feder uses about himself.  Or is he registered as
> a member of some Ultraconservative Party I don't know about?
When I was at BU law school in the late 60s, I knew Don Feder, who was a BU 
undergraduate at the time.  He was head of the BU chapter of Young Americans for 
Freedom.  He certainly considered himself conservative and his organization "right wing."  I 
enjoyed talking with him because, then as now, I enjoyed talking with intelligent and 
thoughtful people of differing viewpoints, and I even read some of his organization's literature.  
At the time I was very frustrated with many people on the left, who tended to shout slogans 
more than hold intelligent conversations.  I didn't always agree with Don, but sometimes I 
did.  I think he was planning to go to law school, and he may have been in law school at BU 
by the last year that I was there.  I don't know whether he finished.

I don't know what labels he would accept now.  Conservative and right-wing, most likely.  
"Ultra-conservative," possibly not, since that seems mostly to be a derogatory term of 
opposition, rather than what people call themselves.

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