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RE: Marshfield cable TV controversy

--- Paul Hopfgarten <paul@03038.com> wrote:
> Short Answer..YES...stay on air.....remember,
> Community Standard might mean
> YOUR show may be the one that gets removed....

True. "Where would they stop after taking one
show off?" But imagine: someone coming to Marshfield
Cable TV wanting to do a show to appeal to "man-boy
The show would feature naked pictures of little
boys and girls, and would air during the early
evening... Any problems with that, folks?
> What those opposed to it should do is start THEIR
> OWN CATV show to
> counteract the "Dougherty Show"

Yeah, I thought of that too. And if someone were
to put on "The NAMBLA Show", someone else could go
on to condemn child molestation on a different show.

> All this publicity will do is egg on other
> angst-riddent anti-authority
> Teens to put on similar shows in their communities
> (Think like a 17 year-old
> for a minute)

I would argue that perhaps an "equal time" show would
be a good bet. (But one could also argue: what about
the fact that a community-access cable TV station
is supported by _the dollars of the subscribers_?
And what if a group of these subscribers go to
the cable company and are told "we can't throw it
off the air--that would be a violation of freedom
of speech...")

In which case you could also tell the complainers
that if they don't like it, they can cancel their
cable subscription and get those channels
via satellite dish.