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Re: Pro's & Kin's

>>correct way (at least the way the locals pronounce it) is OAR-uh-gun, not oar-uh-GONE.<<

If we're going to go strictly on how the locals pronounce it, then nearly everyone mispronounces the name of the state whose capital is Baton Rouge (Ba-taw Rooj).  It's Lou-see-an-a, not Lou-ee-see-an-a.  Its largest city is Noo-Aw-lins, not New Or-leans.

WTAG used to have a female newscaster who steadfastly refused to learn the local pronounciations.  So, those in the Worcester area were regularly treated to Lie-ces-ter and Le-o-mins-ter.  Made me cringe every time I heard it.

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