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Fwd: Re: Today's LTAR

>DATE: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 21:02:32
>From: "rogerkirk" <rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net>
>To: TC Cheever  <tc@chaostheory.com>, <boston-radio->interest@bostonradio.org>,Bob Nelson  <raccoonradio@yahoo.com>
>TC Cheever wrote:
>> Specifically, she was accused of using the program Kazaa to 
>>download the songs, but her computer is a Macintosh. Kazaa is
>> a Windows-only program; there is no Macintosh version.
>Bob Nelson rejoined:
>Oh, yes, right. I remember now! All I remembered was
>the fact that she had a Mac. So once the record
>industry found that out they knew they had the wrong

>This is precisely the kind of folly that makes the 
>ability to obtain a search warrant without a judge's
>signature - based on the RIAA's "suspicion" a very
>dangerous extension to the law.

On Friday night's "CBS Evening News", there was a segment 
about a computer hobbyist who built his own PC from widely
available parts.  One card can be used as a  PC driver
AND to pull in channels from Direct TV.  The individual
profiled on the CBS piece was charged by Direct TV for
pirating its shows, even though he was a subscriber to his
local cable TV provider during the period for which he was
charged.  He has had to get a lawyer to defend himself although
even Direct TV knows these cards are dual-use.  Bummer.

Laurence (not Lawrence) from Methuen

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