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Re: Pro's & Kin's

At 09:34 AM 10/14/2003, Sid Schweiger wrote:
>WTAG used to have a female newscaster who steadfastly refused to learn the 
>local pronounciations.  So, those in the Worcester area were regularly 
>treated to Lie-ces-ter and Le-o-mins-ter.  Made me cringe every time I 
>heard it.
>Sid Schweiger

<cringing> I myself am guilty of that one.  On my first newscast shift at 
WBUR (Saturday night) there was a news story from Leominister and I 
pronounced it the wrong way and damn did I get my ear chewed off for 
it.   Station staff and listeners alike started pounding in calls on the 
private studio lines.  Learned my lesson; when in doubt - call the local 
police department for pronounciation help!

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