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Re: Pro's & Kin's

Aaron Read wrote:

> On a related note, I was highly annoyed as many announcers, including 
> the supposedly liberal-biased NPR hosts, started calling it 
> "kal-lee-forn-yah" (or occasionally "kal-lee-forn-i-ah") like how 
> Ah-nuld says it.  

People used to fuss at NPR for calling one of the Central
American countries "Nee-ka-rra-wah", so I guess they just like
those Espanish-type pronunciaciones.

I was appalled recently to hear some poseur news announcer read a story
about "Koo-bah", though I don't think that was on NPR!

I'm not sure what's wrong or affected about the pronunciations Roger lists.
Could he perhaps post the list again with an indication of what he would
consider more normal in each case?

--RC ("Ah See")