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RE: Pro's & Kin's

> I was appalled recently to hear some poseur news announcer
> read a story
> about "Koo-bah", though I don't think that was on NPR!
> I'm not sure what's wrong or affected about the
> pronunciations Roger lists.
> Could he perhaps post the list again with an indication of
> what he would
> consider more normal in each case?
> --RC ("Ah See")

I can understand if it's an Hispanic/Latino announcer.  But otherwise.... Even
when NPRs <sp?> Mendalico Barco signs off after a story, she's totally
unaffected in her pronunciation until she hits her name.  The change in affect
is always good for a grin.  <treading on thin PC ice...> You KNOW that she hears
the difference.

Top o' the Maarnin' to ya,

Bill O'Neill