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RE: Pro's & Kin's

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> when NPRs <sp?> Mendalico Barco signs off after a story, she's totally
> unaffected in her pronunciation until she hits her name.  The change in affect

Yes.  Most of the hispanic announcers on NPR have no discernible "Spanish" 
accent until they hit a Spanish word...like their name.  Then it's almost 
a hic-cup to pronounce it "in Spanish."  

An example would be NPR's "Lah-Teen-Oh USA" magazine show, which the 
announcers go out of their way to pronounce "La-TIN-o"(say it with a 
Spanish accent) USA.

> is always good for a grin.  <treading on thin PC ice...> You KNOW that she hears
> the difference.

Oh absolutely...

It's funny, but after a while, it does start getting on your nerves...

I speak Spanish properly, but when I'm reading or speaking in English and 
come across a Spanish word I will pronounce it with an "American" accent 
just to keep with the flow.  Not to mention it's just easier on my jaws 
and brain. :-)