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Re: Pro's & Kin's

At 03:26 PM 10/13/2003, rogerkirk wrote:
>Personally, it sounds affected like "Valley Girl"
>talk - something one would expect from teenagers
>"Oh, MY GAWD", "Like", "Ya Know", "and then she
>goes...", etc...
>These are from alledgedly grown-up, adult announcers
>doing news stories, commercials, etc. on adult-leaning

On a related note, I was highly annoyed as many announcers, including the 
supposedly liberal-biased NPR hosts, started calling it "kal-lee-forn-yah" 
(or occasionally "kal-lee-forn-i-ah") like how Ah-nuld says it.  This was 
for many weeks before the actual election, and for some reason it always 
struck me that even the press assumed Arnold was going to win.

Maybe that's how it's pronounced out there?  Nobody I know who lives (or 
has lived) in "calla-forn-yah" pronounces it like Arnold, but they're all 
transplants (both ways).  I don't know anyone who grew up out there AND 
still lives there.

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