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Pro's & Kin's

A survey of opinion(s) requested here:

Are female announcers in Boston trained to 
pronounce words differently than male 
announcers?  In the past few months, I have 
heard (repeatedly):

kin-VIC-shin           (conviction)
kin-TROLL              (control)
kin-EK-shin            (connection)
kin-VEEN-yintz         (convenience)
kin-GRAD-jih-lay-shins (congratulations)
kin-ET-ih-kit          (Connecticut)

Personally, it sounds affected like "Valley Girl"
talk - something one would expect from teenagers
"Oh, MY GAWD", "Like", "Ya Know", "and then she 
goes...", etc...

These are from alledgedly grown-up, adult announcers 
doing news stories, commercials, etc. on adult-leaning