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Re: Another TV news station for Springfield ....where is W67DF TX

<<On Sun, 12 Oct 2003 07:49:10 -0400, Rick Kelly <nuhuc@juno.com> said:

> Well, it's Meredith that is purchasing them, but I wonder if they are
> doing it to improve reception on the other side of Mt. Tom.  Thought I
> saw something somewhere about moving to Ch 45, too.

I doubt they care about over-the-air reception.  This LPTV gives them
one useful thing: a licensed broadcast transmitter at a site which
cable companies already have antennas pointed.  They can then tell
cableco to carry the LPTV instead of the main channel 3 signal,
without running afoul of regulations that would otherwise prohibit
them from feeding different programming to cablecos than they
broadcast over the air.