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Re: Phoenix Editorial | The Duo of Dung Radio

On 12 Oct 2003 at 21:05, rogerkirk wrote:

> "Sid Schweiger" noted:
> >...and in another time, the Phoenix was full of pornographic 
> >advertising.
> IIRC, that was Boston After Dark - from whose ashes the
> Phoenix rose.
Not quite.  Back in the late 60s, there were two newspapers, one called the "Phoenix," 
originating from Cambridge, and the other, owned by Stephen Mindich, called "Boston After 
Dark."  Sometime in the early 70s, the Phoenix workers unionized and went on strike, and a 
scab Phoenix came out for an issue or two.  Then, after settling with the union, the owner of 
the Cambridge Phoenix suddenly sold the paper to Mindich, who combined it with "Boston 
After Dark" as the Boston Phoenix.  He kept the name "Boston After Dark" for the 
entertainment section, and used the title "B.A.D." for the free version distributed at college 

Meanwhile, the Phoenix staff formed a collective and came out with a new paper, in much 
the same format as the old Cambridge Phoenix, called "The Real Paper."  I believe they may 
have been planning to call it "The Real Phoenix," but were sued by Mindich.  The Real Paper 
eventually folded after a few years.

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