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Re: Tonite's Sox rainout..

On Sunday, October 12, 2003, at 10:09  PM, Bob Nelson wrote:

> The Sox were rained out tonite (were scheduled to
> start Game 4 at 7:30 pm but, after a day of fairly
> steady rain, it was called off after representatives
> from Major League Baseball, the umpires, and the teams
> walked all over the soggy field.)
> Fox reported the rainout shortly after 7:30 pm and
> I tuned to WEEI. They were running an obviously
> pre-taped "Grady Little Show" in which there was talk
> of "tonight's starter, John Burkett" and he was wished
> "Good luck tonight....we'll be back with tonight's
> game right after this."

I was in a take-out restaurant at 7:30 when someone said the Sox game 
had been cancelled.  I told him that couldn't be true, because I'd just 
been listening to the Red Sox radio broadcast a few seconds ago, and 
they had said the game was about to start.  He got all excited and we 
went out to my car to listen for more info.  At that point they were 
running a press conference about Saturday night's events.

But at that same time, Fox had gone on TV with the game cancellation.  
WEEI looked stupid for continuing to run the pre-game stuff as if 
nothing had happened.  And as a listener, I don't appreciate them 
making me look like an idiot because I relied on their information, 
when it seems they just wanted to sell a few more sponsor credits.