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Tonite's Sox rainout..

The Sox were rained out tonite (were scheduled to
start Game 4 at 7:30 pm but, after a day of fairly
steady rain, it was called off after representatives
from Major League Baseball, the umpires, and the teams
walked all over the soggy field.)

Fox reported the rainout shortly after 7:30 pm and
I tuned to WEEI. They were running an obviously
pre-taped "Grady Little Show" in which there was talk
of "tonight's starter, John Burkett" and he was wished
"Good luck tonight....we'll be back with tonight's
game right after this."

After some ads, they ran the regular game intro
(with many ad tags as part of it), and only then
was it announced that the game had been rained out.
Hmm, maybe they were committed to running those
ads...so they took a few more minutes than Fox did
to mention that the game was called.

I know MLB was concerned about player safety in
calling the game...but wonder if Fox also may have
urged them to make a quick decision. "Don't leave us
hanging--we don't want a long rain delay, with people
tuning out...we can go to alternate programming if
need be" (though they probably could have gone to
that in any case, with a graphic saying "Rain Delay"
in one corner. WTBS has done that with the Braves,
and the Sox (on NESN and Chs. 4/38) has done the
same, too.)

Well, at least MLB was concerned about player safety
and they saved the fans from sitting through an hour
or two of soggy Fenway, waiting for a game that
wouldn't be played. This may hurt Fox in the ratings,
as they will have an afternoon game Tue. to help make
up for this--not prime time.