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TV News station for Springfield

According to the article in the Springfield Republican Comcast has 
agreed to carry the new Ch 67 with new call letters branded CBS 3.  This 
also allows Meredith to sectionalize it's adds for Western Ma it tried 
this last year feeding cable a different set of commercials for western 
MA but had to stop due to legal issues.   WFSB has tried a Springfield 
news  operation before   they has a small studio in Chestnut Towers in 
the 80's  but people in Hartford didn't care what was happening in MA  
same way MA people don't care what happens in New haven.   I doubt 
Meredith will put the resources into a real news operation on a LPTV  
even if it is carried on cable,  against established news operations 
like   22 News and NEWS 40.