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Re: Phoenix Editorial | The Duo of Dung Radio

>> "Sid Schweiger" noted:
>>> ...and in another time, the Phoenix was full of pornographic
>>> advertising.

I (Roger Kirk) replied:
>> IIRC, that was Boston After Dark - from whose ashes the
>> Phoenix rose.

"Kevin Vahey" advised:
>Ummm Roger, the Phoenix has an entire adult section every week and if 
>you talk to people who work there, those ads keep the paper afloat.

I (Roger Kirk redux) rejoin:

Whatever floats their boat.  Although, if you've seen Caddyshack, ...

Sid did say "in another time" and "was."  I was merely noting that originally, the personal ads (and I mean "PERSONAL") were started by the Boston After Dark newspaper (ca 1968).  It had financial problems and as well as legal problems stemming from someone's "issues" with the personal ads.  IIRC, the Phoenix was born from that whole exercise and for a while (could still be FAIK) they had a section in the Phoenix called "Boston After Dark."  I haven't read a Phoenix in 20 years.  My  political leanings are just a wee bit more to the starboard and having just celebrated our 36th anniversary on the 7th, their personal ads are of precious little use.