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Re: Phoenix Editorial | The Duo of Dung Radio

On 12 Oct 2003 at 21:59, rogerkirk wrote:

> Sid did say "in another time" and "was."  I was merely noting that
> originally, the personal ads (and I mean "PERSONAL") were started by the
> Boston After Dark newspaper (ca 1968).  It had financial problems and as
> well as legal problems stemming from someone's "issues" with the personal
> ads.  IIRC, the Phoenix was born from that whole exercise and for a while
> (could still be FAIK) they had a section in the Phoenix called "Boston
> After Dark."  

As I've posted elsewhere, the Phoenix began as a Cambridge paper separate from Boston 
After Dark.  Both carried very adult personal ads.  I'm not sure, but I believe they may have 
started first in the Phoenix.  Then again, they may have started in an earlier "underground" 
paper called the "Avatar."

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