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All-comedy radio (was: Today's LTAR)

Aaron Read wrote...

> It's oversimplified, true...but you don't get the really big laughs by
> pulling your punches.  I've heard old Carlin tapes that were "cleaned up
>  for broadcast" and they were mildly amusing at best.  The regular tapes
> of  his shows, big and small, have me on the floor.>
> THAT is the only reason why I would think a successful comedy station on
>  AM/FM will be a hard sell.

That and the repetition factor.  How many times is a given joke/routine
funny?  I'm not sure there are enough truly timeless comedy routines that
can stay funny after having heard them a dozen or more times, and like a
music format, you need a certain amount of "power" material.  Even
routines that were hilarious in their day sometimes lose something with
time...Nixon jokes for example, or Cheech & Chong's "Dave"...it's a lot
funnier when you're stoned than when you're straight.