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Re: All Comedy (was LTAR)

> At 11:28 AM 8/18/2003, Brian Vita wrote:
> >XM radio has 2 all comedy channels.  One is PG the other is R/X rated
> >stuff (we've dubbed it the penis joke channel).  They were 
> interesting>to listen to for about a day.  While they seem to have 
> a good repertoire of material, you can only joke about genitalia so long...

to which Aaron inquired:

> How long is each channel's "rotation"?  Meaning how long before 
> they start repeating the same comedy bits?   I remember being on a long 
> flight as a kid (Chicago to Sea/Tac I think...against the jet stream the whole 
> way) and  the comedy (audio) channel  in-flight only had about 45 minutes of 
> material  and that wasn't nearly enough.

"...genitalia so long..."
"...how long is..."
"...how long before..."
"...being on a long..."
"...wasn't nearly enough."

paging Bill O'Neill.  Bill O'Neill, you have an opening on lines 1 through 5.

i'm sure Mr.O will grace us with something witty. in the meantime, this reads like a Monty Python skit involving my hotmail account and spam.  spamspamspamspamspam...

seriously, there are enough recorded comics about to float an all-comedy channel without too much repetition.  we use the Premiere Radio "PrimeCuts" service up here in Portland, and there are sixty seconds worth of 20 different comedians every two weeks.  flesh out thematic comedy sets with some of the "longer" classics, such as Newhart (who recently lamented in TV Guide that his pauses were shortened or eliminated from some of his recorded material, much to his displeasure.) or the always funny Carl Reiner/Mel Brooks "2000 year old man."

- -Chuck (never mind; not gonna go there) Igo