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Today's LTAR

A couple comments regarding today's Let's Talk About

--it was mentioned how Sirius uses a dog (with its
tail serving as an antenna) as its logo. Actually,
Sirius _is_ known as "the dog star..."

--Bob and Dan wondered if there would be enough
material for an all comedy radio station--after all,
aren't most comedy albums kind of dated now? Maybe so;
there are very few these days, though I will admit
that Jerry Seinfeld did one recently and I heard bits
of it--not bad. They could use stuff like that and
edit it if necessary for language, etc.

But there can be other material as well. What about
novelty songs? A whole bunch of those over the
decades. Political satirists the Capitol Steps
have about three dozen albums, and there are folk
and pop artists who do funny tunes (Christine
Lavin comes to mind; oh, "What Was I Thinking"!)

And what about old time radio comedy? They could fill
chunks of their airtime with Bob and Ray, Jack
Benny, etc.