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Today's LTAR

Bob and Dan were talking this morning about the various call letters that have been on 1150, 
and Dan asked whether any set of call letters had been repeated.  The station was WHUE, 
then it was WNSY, then it was WHUE again.

But 740 never had the WJIB calls before Bob got them.  When Kaiser-Globe took over, the 
stations went off the air (channel 56 hadn't come back on yet).  The stations stayed off the 
air until each was ready to come on under its new persona, 740 as WCAS from Central 
Square, and 96.9 as WJIB from Commercial Wharf.

There is one snag in any effort of Congress to override the new FCC regulations.  It must be 
done by a bill passed by both houses and either signed by the President or passed over his 

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