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Re: Mega Sells WAMG Boston

At 03:09 AM 5/6/03 -0400, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
>From: "Donna Halper" <dlh@donnahalper.com>
> > Wow, we certainly don't have enough of those on the air, do we???????  I
> > can only dream that one day liberals and moderates will awaken from their
> > slumber.  Just about every major talk show on the air today seems to be
> > conservative, sometimes exceedingly so.
>Let's not forget that there was a time (when I was a teenager) that we had
>all sorts of liberals on the air.  It seemed to me that you HAD to be a
>liberal to have a talk show.
>Paul Benzaquin, Guy Manilla, Gerry Williams (at the time!), Peter Mead, Dave
>Finnegan, Hubert Jessup, Larry King, Jim Bohannon, Upton Bell, Larry Glick,
>Lou Marcel

Listen to Upton Bell on WBIX 1060 afternoons 1 to 3pm and tell me he isn't a
liberal.  Guy Manilla did a general interest show masquerading as Calling 
All Sports.
He had more women calling a "sports" program.  Larry Glick was just fun and