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Re: Mega Sells WAMG Boston

I guess, then, WCOP would be available for AM. Maybe the idea of bringing the 
calls back to 1150 in Boston would work if the college that has them on FM is a 
non-profit and Salem could structure the payment as a charitable donation. Of 
course, for Salem to be willing to do that, the college would have to have a 
fundamentalist, evangelical, Protestant orientation. And if the college has a 
chaplain who is into radio and wanted to be heard in Boston, the donation could 
further be structured as a tradeout. THAT might just work ;>)
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> >
> >Probably the best news in this whole deal is that Salem has something of a
> >history of flipping its acquired stations to their historic calls--when those
> >calls are available. For example, it did so in Philadelphia when it restored
> >the WFIL calls to 560 AM. Are the WCOP calls available? Could 1150 become 
> >once again?
> WCOP-FM lives on in Unadilla GA/Perry GA
> Toccoa Falls College has a class A station at 99.9