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Re: Mega Sells WAMG Boston

I think the only time WCOP was the most listened to station in Boston 
was when they had the World Series from NBC

If memory serves me back in the 60's WCOP and WEZE were NBC affils but 
only COP carried sports and Monitor.

I believe of all the orginal full times signals with a COL of Boston, 
all at one time or another were major factors in the ratings EXCEPT 

In the mid 60's WEZE was huge until WJIB came along

On Tue, 6 May 2003 9:54AM -0500, Dan.Strassberg@att.net wrote:
> I guess, then, WCOP would be available for AM. Maybe the idea of 
> bringing the
> calls back to 1150 in Boston would work if the college that has them on 
> FM is a
> non-profit and Salem could structure the payment as a charitable 
> donation. Of
> course, for Salem to be willing to do that, the college would have to 
> have a
> fundamentalist, evangelical, Protestant orientation. And if the college 
> has a
> chaplain who is into radio and wanted to be heard in Boston, the 
> donation could
> further be structured as a tradeout. THAT might just work ;>)
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>>  >
>>  >Probably the best news in this whole deal is that Salem has 
>> something of a
>>  >history of flipping its acquired stations to their historic 
>> calls--when those
>>  >calls are available. For example, it did so in Philadelphia when it 
>> restored
>>  >the WFIL calls to 560 AM. Are the WCOP calls available? Could 1150 
>> become
>>  >WCOP
>>  >once again?
>>  WCOP-FM lives on in Unadilla GA/Perry GA
>>  Toccoa Falls College has a class A station at 99.9