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Re: Mega Sells WAMG Boston

At 3:09 AM -0400 5/6/03, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
>Let's not forget that there was a time (when I was a teenager) that we had
>all sorts of liberals on the air.  It seemed to me that you HAD to be a
>liberal to have a talk show.
>Paul Benzaquin, Guy Manilla, Gerry Williams (at the time!), Peter Mead, Dave
>Finnegan, Hubert Jessup, Larry King, Jim Bohannon, Upton Bell, Larry Glick,
>Lou Marcel
>Who am I missing?

You may be missing the rest of the country.  It looks like you are 
trying to generalize about talk radio using mostly Boston 
personalities as your examples.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH