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RE: wake for Jerry Williams

>it was written
>>Oh, and the body is supposed to be buried within 24 hours if at all possible
>>(though I don't really know the reason why)
>This and most other Jewish customs are based on health issues.

Well, yes and no.  They are also based on the culture where these beliefs 
originated, a culture where pagan religions worshipped or preserved dead 
bodies.  So the Jews were supposed to follow the commandment to do things 
differently.  Btw, a small caveat-- I never like to discuss religion unless 
I am asked, but a couple of list-member comments about Jewish traditions 
have used words like "odd" or "strange"-- no offence, but whatever Jews or 
Christians or Muslims believe, that's their faith and it certainly isn't 
odd or strange to those who follow it.  Love from yer friendly Jewish 
feminist media historian.