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RE: wake for Jerry Williams

My use of those terms was not meant to offend. I also find it odd when I
meet people that are life-long NH residents that don't share my
"Boston-centered" view of the world (The West Coast...that's just past 495,

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

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> >it was written
> >>Oh, and the body is supposed to be buried within 24 hours if at
> all possible
> >>(though I don't really know the reason why)
> >
> >This and most other Jewish customs are based on health issues.
> Well, yes and no.  They are also based on the culture where these beliefs
> originated, a culture where pagan religions worshipped or preserved dead
> bodies.  So the Jews were supposed to follow the commandment to do things
> differently.  Btw, a small caveat-- I never like to discuss
> religion unless
> I am asked, but a couple of list-member comments about Jewish traditions
> have used words like "odd" or "strange"-- no offence, but
> whatever Jews or
> Christians or Muslims believe, that's their faith and it certainly isn't
> odd or strange to those who follow it.  Love from yer friendly Jewish
> feminist media historian.