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RE: wake for Jerry Williams

On 30 Apr 2003 at 10:40, Aaron Read wrote:

> While neither Catholic nor Jewish (although I do go to Catholic high
> school, and I have several close friends who're Jewish) I believe the
> reasoning behind the burial-within-24-hours has to do with the "old days"
> when embalming techniques weren't as good.   Similar to not eating pork
> b/c of trichinosis.

Not eating pork has nothing to do with trichinosis.  The Torah doesn't 
give reasons. It just says that you are permitted to eat those land 
animals that chew a cud and have a cloven hoof.  A pig has a cloven hoof 
but does not chew a cud and is therefore not kosher.  A giraffe, on the 
other hand, is.
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