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Re: Filtering changes on this list

Our esteemed moderator recently declared,

> I have made a few changes to the way traffic to bostonradio.org is
> filtered.  If you had trouble sending to the list before, you may
> be able to send now.  (Or maybe not.)

I don't know if it is intentional or not, but when a message is
posted, while it shows up right away on the "Last 50 Messages",


It takes a few minutes to be picked up by the "Archive",


Also, if there are a clump of posts (not necessarily by the same
person) within a short time, they may register out of order on the
"Archive", unlike the "Last 50 Messages" (which registers them in
the same order as the "Digest").


   (BTW, the change in filtering seemed to have clear up
    the ATTBI.com rejection problem)

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