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RE: Filtering changes on this list

> From: Garrett Wollman
> Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 3:51 PM
> Subject: Filtering changes on this list
> I have made a few changes to the way traffic to bostonradio.org is
> filtered.  If you had trouble sending to the list before, you may be
> able to send now.  (Or maybe not.)
> HTML messages will now be bounced by the mail system rather than being
> sent to me, so you should no longer have to wonder what happened to
> your message.  Please take care to *read* the bounce message, if you
> get one -- it will always indicate precisely why the message was
> rejected.  (In some mail programs you may have to change an option to
> see the full message.)
> -GAWollman

Just trying it out, Garrett.  If it makes it, thank you!

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